We Provide Big Benefits to Small Business

Maintain your competitiveness by attracting and retaining the best employees. Our employee benefits company helps you to build a plan that manages your costs while offering the benefits employees want. We use our people, processes and technology to help you and your employees live the American dream. 

Why We’re an Employee Benefits Company

To tell you why we focus on helping small businesses with their benefits, we have to start with a story.  

Our founder Emily Evans and her husband are avid motorcycle riders. In 2010, they were out for a ride waiting at a red light when the world went topsy turvy both literally and figuratively. The driver of the car behind them didn’t stop for the red light (in fact, she didn’t even slow down) and both Emily and her husband were thrown 70 feet (3 car lengths) into the intersection.  

Though Emily was blessed with only bruises and whiplash, her husband ended up with 11 fractured vertebrae. Between his months of recovery and the medical bills, they struggled to get by financially. That experience is what drove Emily to help other families get the protection they need. She started as an independent agent for a single carrier, then branched out into full benefits after 7 years growing experience and her team.

After expanding what she and her team offered, in 2019 they discovered that although they were doing a lot to best serve clients, there were some things that needed an extra level of support. In 2021 they partnered with The Benefit Doctor to be able to have all the pieces of the employee benefits puzzle in one place. With full sales, and service support they've been able to level up what they can do for clients and continue to work hard to provide only the best experience when it comes to employee benefits.

We are solution engineers for our clients. When a creative solution is needed, and not just for our specialty of employee benefits, we help you, whether you’re a business or family, find it.

How We Help Your Business

We’re an independent employee benefits company, but what does that really mean? It means that you get the best solutions because we have the freedom as benefit consultants to use our creativity and problem-solving abilities. But that doesn't mean you don't get peace of mind. We work with all the top carriers so you get the all the benefits of independence and the confidence of working with the best. 

Photo of a hand holding a compass in the mountains, showing how a good employee benefits company can help you find the way.


There’s a lot to consider before adding or changing your employee benefits. We help you get clarity based on the size of your company, your budget, and your business culture.
Photo of the back of a woman's head looking at signposts in a wooded trail. Showing how our employee benefits company helps you to build.


We help you to design benefits programs that show your employees you recognize the worth and the value they bring to your company.
Photo of a man wearing a backpack, yelling out with his hands cupped around his mouth. Showing how our employee benefits company helps you to communicate.


Benefits aren’t any good if no one uses them! And nobody wants to attend a boring benefits meeting. We help you create an engaging communication process.

Who We Work With

Emily Evans Consulting works mostly with small businesses, but that’s a big group (really any company under 500 employees). What matters most to us is the people we work with not the industry or size of your company.  

We work best with type-A personalities; those who care about their employees, but need to be able to focus on their super powers. Our clients are looking to partner with pros to whom they can delegate the things they don't have time for. In return, we promise to create a holistic employee benefit experience and fun throughout the year. 

Professional Affiliations

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